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August 06, 2009


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I am really happy to read your post and that you are getting this word out! We are also mindful in our home and life of the negative effects of well, garbage! Packaging is a HUGE issue and it hurts me to see so much packaging everywhere you look! We purchase local, handmade or make our own to try to eliminate this. Many of the stores in our downtown do not even think to give you a bag or they will ask if you decline a bag they will donate money to an environmental cause. Little things like this make a difference! As you mentioned in your list, I find it important to use cloth napkins, make your own cloth bags, etc. I am currently looking to buy cloth pads and to sew more snack bags... Your photo of the trash in the ocean saddens me. It is rare where I live to see trash like this but when their is an influx of people visiting here in the summer we see the trash left behind. Early spring and Fall my family goes through our favorite natural spots picking up the trash. It actually brings tears to my eyes because of how much these natural areas bring magic into my life it hurts me that someone would be so careless and lazy. Not to mention the extreme damage that is being done to wildlife and the soil and waters. I guess I could talk about this one for a while ; ) Happy to hear you are also conscious in this area!

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